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I found Dr. Rodriquez to be very patient and friendly. She checks what medications or supplements you are already using and treats your particular issue not just symptoms.


Dr Rodriguez is  extremely helpful with the therapy in my shoulder and knee. I recommend acupuncture 100%. The best of all is natural and not painful.


I suffered from chronic back issues for about 2 years. I had tried exercise, physical therapy, prescription medication, and chiropractic. I met Dr. Francy Rodriguez at a Union County Chamber event and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and gentle nature. With not many options left to try, I made an appointment. After 3-4 sessions of acupuncture, I was feeling a difference. I went through 10 treatments total. That finished in February and I have returned to all my previous activities. I have had one or two days of pain in the last six months from overdoing something. Before, I might have one or two pain free days over six months. I have been back to Vida Holistic Health for a few check ins and tune ups, but I am a believer.


She is very professional doctor. She really cares about your health. I highly recommend her.


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